Philippine Information

The climate, the language, the smells and sounds, the nature and architecture; especially the local people are different.

Please don't forget, that the Philippines is a developing country and there are many things that you cannot compare with European or American standards.

Visitors from outside like punctuality, thoroughness, perfection, etc. doesn`t ́matter so much for the Philippine people.

If you find patience, leniency, humor and understanding for situations and the natives, you don`t get frustrated, stressed and disappointed over to high expectation and you are free to enjoy your most precious weeks of the year – your vacation.

Although all technical achievements of the western world are existing in the tourism areas, the perfect function often fails because of the climatic conditions, at the procurement of the spare parts and at the lacking know-how respecting the handling, care and repair.

So, failure can appear in the power, water, telecommunication and Internet supply.

We ask for your understanding and will undertake everything in our power, to make your stay as agreeable as possible.

Please tell us, if we can help you, or if you have any complaint. We try to fulfil all your wishes to make your vacation in our Paradise unforgettable.

We wish you a nice vacation in our Hotel Villa Sunset Boracay!